Rebellious Media Conference

What with the long radio silence?

Well, self-publishing isn’t as easy as I’d thought it would be, at least not as quick in any case. Having had a friend do some straight talking on my first draft, I’m trying to pull it apart and put it back together without destroying the whole. Tricky business.

In the meantime, I’m headed here this weekend, to the Rebellious Media Conference in London. I hope to catch up with some old friends working on alternative media and politics and to make a few new ones.

This is what’s written on the packet:

The gathering has three main aims:

– to showcase inspiring examples of radical media practice;
– to further develop radical critiques of the mainstream media;
– to enable activists, journalists and students to engage in training and skillsharing.

It will also provide a chance for dialogue between radical media and mainstream media; for radical media groups to come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing us, particularly in relation to the digital revolution. The intention is to capture as much as possible of the RMC and to make it available on the web, and for there to be ongoing projects coming out of the RMC.

My intention is to look for collaborators in a post Fraudcast News project to build a nested network of radical, or public-interest journalists. Their reports would range from local to global levels of governance, their remit being to make our politics and governance systems accountable to we the people.

Here’s hoping….