Media, freedom and the web – 2011 Mozilla Festival

I’m going to this event on Saturday and Sunday in London’s North Greenwich – looks excellent.

The aim? To assemble Open web developers, journalists and educators to reinvent media on the web. Not too ambitious then.

Rather than just consuming and participating, I also plan volunteering with the prodigious VisionOntv crowd, interviewing people and reporting on the event and some of its planned outcomes and collaborations. Should be a blast.

This is who it’s asking for:

•A reporter exploring how to better cover breaking stories?

• A teacher encouraging students to level-up their web skills?

• A filmmaker unleashing a documentary from its runtime?

• A gamer pushing the frontiers of play in the browser?

• An activist trying to counter widespread surveillance?

This event gives you the freedom to propose a radical idea, a diverse group of experts with whom to collaborate, and the resources required to make something awesome.