Fraudcast News – an elevator pitch

I have signed myself in for a two-minute presentation on Fraudcast News at January’s Hacks and Hackers London meetup group, part of my efforts to market what will be a free-to-variably priced book to the wider world.

My challenge is to flag the books imminent existence and throw forward its conclusions and proposals in a way that enthuses participants and encourages them to get involved.

The nub of future plans is to foster and create local groups of media producers who focus on governance issues – principally the political transparency and direct accountability of our governors – then networking them together into a global whole that includes story collaborations between different centres. The result would be something akin to a virtual, global, alternative news agency that champions directly accountable government at every level and mercilessly critiques our existing representative democracies.

In the meantime, I have various long-suffering friends and ex-colleagues poring over book proofs for any real howlers of grammar, syntax, fact and logic. This is the grittier side of DIY publishing. The result, I hope, will be a Lulu eBook out later this month followed by a print-on-demand paperback a few weeks later and a free-to-download PDF. Any suggestions for the pitch/offers of coffee greatly appreciated.