Food and land: base camps for community building

Pogo Cafe in Hackney, London (Copyleft photo by Patrick Chalmers)

I wrote this blog entry for Stir magazine, which has a kickstarter campaign underway to raise funds for printing offline versions of the wonderful work it does already online. Have a think about the stuff you usually fritter your money away on, petrol for the Porsche, a Lear jet flight to Monaco, private banking advice and so on, then consider giving some of that money to Stir instead.

The Pogo Café in Hackney is everything we’re told modern Western consumers aren’t capable of doing, which makes it a treat to visit. The place serves great-quality vegan food, it’s staffed by enthusiastic volunteers who host a space that nurtures alternative culture, co-operative working, exhibitions and events.

Just the place for an evening themed on Land & Liberty! — stories from communities across the world that are trying to control where their food comes from and how it’s grown. London food-growers recounted tales from their visits to like-minded souls in Ljubljana Slovenia, Jaos Palestine, Chiapas Mexico and Havana Cuba.

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