Fraudcast News one of Green Left Weekly’s books of the year

Nice to get some positive feedback on Fraudcast News from Green Left Weekly’s Mat Ward.

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For me, a truly great book is one that stays in your thoughts for a long time after reading it.

I thought about this book daily for months after finishing it, because its main argument seems to be at the root of almost every injustice in the world. Former Reuters reporter Patrick Chalmers gradually realised, through his job reporting on the European Union, that what is commonly passed off as democracy is anything but. Politicians are held accountable only once every four years or so, after which they break nearly every pre-election promise.

Chalmers wants truly accountable democracy, in which politicians are held accountable for every decision they make. In this endlessly quotable book, Chalmers says it is the job of every journalist to make accountable democracy part of the conversation. Technology may hold the key to eventually making it a reality.