Fraudcast News reloaded, nearly

I am getting through the final stages of re-publishing Fraudcast News, a process that involves changing print-on-demand publishers (from Lulu to Lightning Source) to allow me a better distribution arrangement and greater flexibility in the cover design. That’s the idea anyway. The first tangible evidence of the change arrived yesterday in the form of a […]

Ethics in journalism? Nice idea

I wrote the following email post for the Baron website in response to an article about the Hacked Off co-founder and ex-Reuters reporter Brian Cathcart. It speaks for itself: Brian’s doing a great job at Hacked Off [■ The Reuter Society – Brian Cathcart: My debt to Reuters]. I went to one of its events […]

Snowden’s act of sacrifice echoes self immolators

Edward Snowden is a remarkable man. His decision to release a cache of top-secret intelligence documents was cooly considered for years. It will totally change his life and could even have him killed. He knows that, having worked for the CIA and for outside contractors to the US National Security Agency. In a note accompanying […]

And the winner isn’t…

Development reporting suffers exactly the same sort of problems as does  journalism that purports to cover conventional politics and economics – probably worse even. Too much focus on official sources and too little questioning of mainstream Western ideas about what countries and their citizens must do to “develop”. All the arguments of Fraudcast News with […]