St Paul’s resigning canon holds fire

You’d have thought delivering the Evensong sermon would have offered the recently resigned St Paul’s Canon Chancellor Giles Fraser a moment of respite from a turbulent couple of weeks. Not a bit of it. The priest, serving three months’ notice having quit his post in protest at the Cathedral’s cack-handed response to the Occupy LSE […]

Progressive media – Made in S Korea

Extraordinary story of successful alternative newspaper model from South Korea’s Hankyoreh – brought to my attention in a video interview by VisionOntv’s Richard Hering at the recent Rebellious Media Conference in London. No news to Korea hands, I’m sure, but interesting for the rest of us. Who wouldn’t kill, well not literally, for 60k shareholders and […]

Fraudcast News video interview

This is an interview I did at the Rebellious (RMC) Media Conference on October 8-9 in London, explaining a bit of the background to the book. The interview was conducted by the indefatigable Hamish Campbell of VisionOntv, an organisation using video for social change around the world. They were among the RMC organisers, working incredibly […]

Michael Albert on Occupy everything

This is an interview shot by friends of mine last weekend at a radical media conference in London. Michael Albert is a very thoughtful and experienced activist who is always worth listening to. If you want a response to all that political stuff that’s pissing you off right now, may I invite you to take […]

Rebellious Media Conference

What with the long radio silence? Well, self-publishing isn’t as easy as I’d thought it would be, at least not as quick in any case. Having had a friend do some straight talking on my first draft, I’m trying to pull it apart and put it back together without destroying the whole. Tricky business. In […]