Bragg channels Guthrie into Occupy London

Learning how to do live TV interviewing with visionOntv is a laugh, you never know who might walk into their instant pop-up studios. I found myself interviewing the songwriter Billy Bragg this week down at the newly squatted Bank of Ideas, having dropped by to lend a hand. Bragg is a veteran of political activism […]

Not the nine o’clock news

It’s not the 9 o’clock news but then that’s probably a good thing. Below you can watch three no-edit videos I produced as part of a mobile phone training run by visionOntv for citizen journalists. It was part of a whole series of events being run at the Bank of Ideas, a building that used […]

Occupy your smart phone

You may have guessed I’m obsessed by democracy and journalism. I’ve read a lot about both and done a lot of the second. Journalism that helps improve democracy is what really gets me going. Not fake democracy, the odd meaningless election, but real democracy. That would mean people having direct and ongoing power over their […]

Media, freedom and the web – 2011 Mozilla Festival

I’m going to this event on Saturday and Sunday in London’s North Greenwich – looks excellent. The aim? To assemble Open web developers, journalists and educators to reinvent media on the web. Not too ambitious then. Rather than just consuming and participating, I also plan volunteering with the prodigious VisionOntv crowd, interviewing people and reporting […]